About Us

Members of the Tech and Investor community around the world have come together to launch ‘Circles of Dialogue’ an online platform and community network dedicated to empowering and supporting the Israeli tech community.

What We Do

Leveraging the power of the tech community to mobilize resources to accelerate business growth and facilitate connections between business leaders, the mission of the “Circle of Dialogue” is to bring the power of business networks and human connections to the Israeli tech community. By providing access to free resources,  to capital formation networks and expert advisors, the Circle of Dialogues aims to respond to requests from the Israeli tech community for assistance.

In the face of the challenges confronting Israel, ensuring the perseverance of the Israeli tech industry, which contributes close to 20% of the country’s GDP and connects Israel to the global business community, has emerged as a key priority among Israel and non-Israeli tech leaders. 

Core Beliefs

As a non-partisan platform, the coalition believes in the power of networks to accelerate business growth and to foster essential human connections. 

The coalition aims to operate as with the ethos of a ‘start-up’, believing that politics and differences of opinion can be set aside to rally around a common goal. And just as tech companies are built through experimentation and a willingness to try, fail, and try again, participants in the interactions curated by the Circles of Dialogue, must remain open-minded and collaborative.

Taking Action

The coalition is actively engaged in various activities:

Circles of Dialogue Groups: The coalition is establishing local Circles of Dialogue in major tech hubs across the world with the aim of building bridges and fostering mutual understanding among business communities

Localized Events: These organized events serve to bring people together to foster conversations and further activate the desire of many to share ideas and provide access to their  networks

Online platform: Connecting companies with service providers and influential tech leaders. Establishing connections with service providers to offer free services, such as cyber security monitoring, legal services, web services, business development support, and more.

The coalition is also actively engaging with capital formation partners to provide access to these networks. 


Join the Network

The members of this coalition, diverse in their skills and backgrounds, share a common purpose – to make a positive impact during these challenging times. They extend an invitation to all who share their vision to leverage tech networks to facilitate dialogue and business growth.

For more information, please contact: